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“igbok” – the song

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In 2010, renowned songwriter, Tom Douglas, was touched by igbok in a way that made him immediately put pen to paper and express the word through song. I started seeing “igbok” everywhere – bumper stickers, t-shirts – was it a conspiracy? Some cult? Some new alt/country/new age jazz/rap band? Then I met David Arms and saw […]

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Just such a place

I smile looking at this picture of David and I standing with our “igbok” shirts. Our smiles in the picture, and even the grin on my face looking at it have much to do with where we are standing…in one of the most difficult, hard, hopeless places on the planet – [lightbox title=”Lietnhom, Sudan” href=”,22.5&spn=60.73557,93.867188&z=4&msid=205051481327510223084.00049d4ffa9b8e43784d1″

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The Desert of Eden

When the plane took off it was 32 degrees and snow was on the ground. When the plane landed, it was 71 degrees and sunshine. Last month I had the opportunity to spend two days in Phoenix Arizona. While we are scraping frost off our windows here in Middle Tennessee, they are in the middle

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