"igbok" by David Arms

“igbok” – the painting

After “igbok” came to be, I did an art exhibition in Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte based on that word alone. I wanted to visually interpret what it meant to me.

There was one painting that said it all.


After the fall of mankind, the world fell into darkness, but in that darkness we weren’t left hopeless. Time and time again, God reminded us that “it’s gonna be o.k.”.

After the flood He sent a rainbow to spread across the sky (represented by the ribbons on the left). And most importantly he sent His son to die (represented by the red ribbon on the right). In all of this He was saying “I have prepared a way and a place for you to be with me forever”. Looking closely, one might see the nest as the “place where God lives”, but it could also be seen as the crown of thorns, “the way to that place”. Either way, the eggs symbolize hope.

I love the fact that darkness cannot remove light, but light obliterates darkness.

Now that is hope.

And I can rest assured that ultimately – it’s gonna be o.k..

"igbok" by David Arms
"igbok" – by David Arms