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Just Such A Place

Just such a place

I smile looking at this picture of David and I standing with our “igbok” shirts. Our smiles in the picture, and even the grin on my face looking at it have much to do with where we are standing…in one of the most difficult, hard, hopeless places on the planet – [lightbox title=”Lietnhom, Sudan” href=”,22.5&spn=60.73557,93.867188&z=4&msid=205051481327510223084.00049d4ffa9b8e43784d1″ iframe=”true”]Lietnhom, Sudan.[/lightbox]

How does one say “it’s gonna be o.k.” to a people who have lived through decades of civil war, tribal unrest, and religious oppression? Only by the gospel of Christ. The United Nations can’t deliver that message. The United States can’t deliver that message. Their own government can’t deliver that message. Only the gospel.

Lloyd and David in Lietnhom, Sudan

For in the gospel, the heart is changed – not necessarily the circumstances. And when the heart is transformed, hope is born – real hope. Hope that knows God will work out His purposes and plans.


I think I’m smiling because “igbok” is a message for just such a place as Lietnhom. And I’m smiling because David and I have had the privilege to speak that message with many we have come to love in that place.

Lloyd Shadrach

is a Teaching Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, a church he co-planted in 1996. He and David Arms started igbok in 2008.

  • James M. Grunseth

    LLoyd, what a blessing to hear of how the Lord has placed and is using you for His glory! I remember our times with FamilyLife with great fondness. We worked hard but had fun too. Our website is

    If you need anything on or in this website and it costs, forget the $$$. Just e me at or call/text me at iphone 262-745-4160. The $$$ stuff I will gladly send you the PDF versions. Trying to sell stuff is sooooooo difficult.

    We are still on CRU staff up in S. E. Wisconsin.- 32 years for me and about 12 years for Barbara. I am ordained, and have a Masters in Counseling-Psychology from Trinity Evang. Div. School up in Deerfield, IL. We offer free professional counseling and mentoring emphasizing the Word of, Christ’s compassion, and the Spirit of God. We basically disciple people and help them fall in love with the Lord. We counsel out of our home in the woods.

    Our free E-Books (see website) have been downloaded by almost 1200 individuals, couples, churches, and even government officials. in around 35 countries. We want to give the Gospel and our lives away.

    Lloyd, if we can ever serve you or bless you and your church family, let us know. It is exciting to see that you went to the Sudan. Thanks for obeying our King!

    Your brother,

    Jim (and Barbara)

    Jim Grunseth

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